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house, make no mistake. when i worked for bill clinton, we did the same thing. we wanted to bypass the national media. bill: this is local television. you did not have google hankouts, facebook online town hall meetings. seems like that is their strategy lately, to go around the press corps in washington and another example here in san francisco. but, doug, there are stories being written about the dangers of overconfidence. when you win a second term and you begin that second term. do you see that? >> well, i've seen the stories. his great asset, bluntly and i think monica might even agree with my, are the republicans. the "usa today poll" numbers, pew has them at record low of 22% favorable. in the absence of real opposition the account is able to get away with this. he knows the media is the real opposition. so he is hiding out as much as he can, bypassing them, going directly to the american people, using social media, the web and local t. have. bill: monica? >> that is one of the great ironies doug says, he thinks the media is the enemy in some way. this media has been such a
obama set the standard for transparency in the same way bill clinton entered office say he would have the most ethical administration in history and he lived to regret saying that. i think it is ebb tirely fair to hold barack obama for the standards he set for himself. setting a standard that doesn't let you take a three-day weekend to go on vacation when you're president of the united states is silly but if that is the standard he sets, that i'm in favor of. there is lot of opportunities to shout questions at united states. with the exception of fox news and couple other outlets it is questions they don't get it showed to him that bother me more than letting him have a week off. jamie: i want to ask you a question about what about the company a president keeps? what do you think? >> i think it's pretty embarrassing. i remember, there is republican convention some guys on msnbc thought that senator mitch mcconnell was racist in attacking president obama for playing golf because the republicans were quote, according to lawrence o'donnell trying to associate the president of with the un
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)